Helpful Information on how to Get New Zealand Skilled Immigration Visa
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If you have been having a dream to migrate to New Zealand, there are a lot of options available for you. Unlike in the past, it is now easy to move to New Zealand because of the increased options. In case you have qualifications, skills or experience that are needed in New Zealand you have a great opportunity to apply and get a resident visa under the skills migrant category. This is a point system that is based on several factors such as work experience, age, your level of qualifications and if you have an offer for skilled employment. In order for you to qualify for NZ immigration you should be fifty fives year or below. In addition to this, you should be in good health conditions, be proficient in English language and meet all other character requirements. To prove that you have met these requirements, you will be required to produce documents for verification.

How skilled immigration work

Self assessment

There is a self assessment that is done to find out if you meet all the requirements and calculate all the points that you have accumulated. This will make sure that you understand if you have the points that are needed to make you succeed.

Submission of Expression of Interest or EOI

You are supposed to go through the Expression of Interest Guide to understand all the concept and issues in it. By having clear understanding, you will have lower risk of making mistakes that might lead to failure. You are also supposed to note the fees and offices information. Then you should make submission of an EOI online or you can send it through the post. It is advisable to make the submission online because it is cheaper and faster.

Get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

You need to wait until your Expression of Interest is chosen from the others that have been sent. In case you have accumulated one hundred and forty points you will be selected automatically. If you succeed in this stage, then you will be sent an Invitation to Apply.

Submission of resident application

You should also note the fees and offices information. Then you are supposed to make submission of your resident application within six months on the form that you are given.

Get the New Zealand skilled immigration visa

If you are successful in your application, you will be issues with either a job search visa or a resident visa.

Points required

If you attain one hundred and forty points you will qualify automatically to get the visa. However, if you still manage to get one hundred to one hundred and thirty five points you can still succeed if you have a job offer or job for skilled employment. In addition, you can also qualify with these points in case you claim bonus points for work experience in a field that has absolute skill shortage.

In order to have a better idea of the amount of points that you may require, it is advisable to have a view of the history of selection points. The webpage is usually updated after every two weeks ITA draw. In order to understand the list of points and bonus points for immigration New Zealand do your own self assessment of your application and evaluate the number of points that you can attain if you undertake extra study or gain more work experience. You will also understand the points that you can attain if you are offered a job by an employer in the New Zealand.

Common mistakes you should avoid in the process

It is worth noting that simple mistakes that you might ignore might lead to rejection of your New Zealand skilled immigration application. The mistakes you make might also lead to you just getting fewer points that will make your application unsuccessful. Here are some of the major mistakes that you should try to avoid at all cost.

Know How:Process Your New Zealand PR

Qualification not recognized

In case you are claiming points for your qualifications they should be on the list of the qualifications exempt from assessment. Your qualifications should also be assessed by NZQA. It is also possible for you to get international qualifications recognized for immigration.

Incomparable work experience

If you are claiming points for your work experience it must be from the same field as the qualifications that you have and job offer. In case you do not have a job or any job offer, then the work experience that you have must be comparable labor market, for a multinational company or in an occupation on the field that has long term short skills.

Bonus requirements not attained

In order to claim to for work experience of qualification bonus points you should make sure that you meet all the strict requirements that are outlined on the long term skills shortage list. You can take your time and check that skills that is having shortage in the country. This will ensure that if you do not have the skills that are in shortage, you can take your time to gain the qualifications of skills and increase chances of success.

Mistakes filling your documents

Another great mistake that many people applying for New Zealand skilled immigration visa make is making mistakes when they are filling the different forms required in the application process. It is good to note that it does not matter whether you make a small or big mistake, your application will be declined if it contains mistakes. So make sure that you have someone else cross check all your documents to verify that there is no mistake that can cost you your application. It is advisable that you work with a migration agent who has knowledge and experience on how the applications are done. This will be the best way to ensure that your application has all the requirements, thus boosting your success rate. Despite that you should pay the agent some money, it is worth making the payment than making mistakes and have your application declined. Globe Singapore
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